Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitchen Reno: The Floors, The Paint and The Countertops!

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Are you as excited as I am that it's finally Friday? These projects at home after a long day at work are killing me. We only have left to grout the new backsplash and seal it. Then I will FINALLY have my fridge and oven back, oh thank you! Here is our progress, let me know what you think!

Now the floors I believe were the most drastic change. Before, as you saw, were this nasty-always looked dirty-linoleum. So, we decided on hardwood floors throughout the downstairs and of course we just carried those into the kitchen. I am literally OBSESSED with the color. After much debate, we ended up purchasing Mohawk Santa Barbara 5" Hard Scrapped Planks in Chocolate.

--We had the kitchen painted to match the new style. The color is April Sky from Lowe's. I love the color, I feel like it pulls everything together! Plus having a WHITE ceiling changes everything! Why would anyone think painting the ceiling gold would look good?!?!

Countertops // Sink // Faucet
With the dark floors, and black appliances we decided against the dark granite for the countertops, and went with a lighter color, Cashmere White. The process was great! Clay and I selected our slab, they came out to template, emailed us our measurements on the selected slab to verify we would like that particular piece (knots, particular lines, etc), then they installed. We also went through them on our sink - it was a little pricier but they cut the sink as well, so for the convenience it worked out better. The have it set under the granite and I think it looks beautiful! We purchased the faucet at Lowe's - we were sure to get one WITHOUT the plate, so they are individual holes, loving that as well.
What a huge difference, am I right? So thankful we were able to make these changes! I am happy to say "I love my kitchen!" now. Last up - the backsplash and the final pictures!!!

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