Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Recap: Honeymoon

As described in my earlier post, we went to Playa Conchal Costa Rica for our honeymoon. We stayed at the all-inclusive Westin Resort and it was truly unbelievable. Saying we had a great time would be a terrible understatement.

Really from the second we got to the Westin I was beyond impressed. Our travel agent arranged for us to be picked up from the airport (yes, there was a guy waiting with a sign!) and as soon as we were dropped off at the resort, we were literally whisked away by a driver who took us to the "Royal Beach Clubhouse." As he took our bags to our suite, another employee brought us fresh mojitos and explained all the activities, restaurants and pools of the resort. Once we arrived to our room, we were introduced to David, who would be our own personal BUTLER for the week. We had told David one day we were there on our honeymoon and when we got back to the room that night for dinner, there was chocolate covered tuxedos strawberries and a bottle of champagne. How sweet? At this point, I am literally astounded, I've never been on a trip with this high quality service!
Next, we enjoyed 6 days of pure bliss! We drank, ate, lounged, ate, ate, drank then REPEAT all day every single day! What a fabulous way to wrap up the wedding festivities?! I strongly suggest this resort if you are planning a honeymoon, or any trip! A few pictures from the week:
Bye bye Costa Rica =(

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