Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitchen Reno: The Cabinets

Honestly, I think the pictures can explain it all, but I will go into detail the updates we made in separate posts starting today with the cabinets. When we bought this house last July, I had to really look beyond the out dated... well, everything and really just take into consideration the size, the lot and the houses' potential. With the kitchen being my least favorite, you can only imagine my excitement when we were finally able to start the BIG renovation for it this month!

First thing, we emptied the cabinets, removed the shelves, doors and hardware. We purchased Rustoleum's Refinishing Kit to paint the cabinets. With this particular product you do NOT have to sand, but the kit doesn't have enough for the insides so we did sand down the shelves.
Before painting could start, we used Step #1 of the kit, the Deglosser to strip the cabinets and clean them really good. Next, we purchased a Paint + Primer in one for the shelves, drawers, and the insides of the cabinets. Then used the Base Coat provided in the kit for coat #1. It suggested waiting 24 hours before reapplying the second coat. The product said you would only need 2 coats, but we needed 3. (Good thing our kitchen is small!)
Are you seeing my lovely floor? HAHA
The above two pictures are after 1 coat...
The final step in the kit is the sealer to protect the cabinets, help with easy cleaning and provides a bit of a shine! Clay installed new hinges, he wanted to do the European style so you can't see them from the outside. Then, we added new hardware knobs. Tada!
                                               After two coats and the glosser/sealer!
Next up? The new floors, fabulous new paint color, granite countertops, sink and faucet! Stay tuned.

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