Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Name for Little Miss + To Do List

As many of you already know, we found out Friday night that we are expecting a sweet, baby girl! WOW - was I wrong! I totally thought we were having a boy. Clay and I are so excited for Little Miss, bring on the dresses and bows! We received a great report of health at the ultrasound and couldn't have been anymore relieved. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! And yes, we do have a sweet name picked out....

                                                                 Savannah Jane

Friday night turned out to be a huge success. We had some family and friends over to find out with us and I am really happy we did it that way. It made the surprise so much better getting to share that special moment with them! As soon as I get the pictures back from my girlfriend, I will be sure to post lots of pictures and details from the party!
We did knock out registering this past weekend since we will be out of town or have an event(s) every weekend in October. Let me just tell you, registering was purely exhausting and terrifying. Thankfully we only went to Babies R Us and Target, I registered at PB Kids online. Honestly though, how in the world are you supposed to know what your child will like until they are actually here? We gave it our best shot, we'll see what happens.

Next big events coming up with Baby Watson in October?
  • Touring a daycare we are interested in
  • The big glucose test at my next appointment
  • Having the nursery painted

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