Sunday, May 6, 2012

All my wonderful ETSY wedding finds!

Hey friends! I have been absolutely awful at blogging these last couples months, but life sure has been busy. Lots of changes! This is the start of my second week at my new job. I absolutely love it! Plus, Im off on the weekends and am so much closer to home. WOO HOO! Also, this past week we celebrated my 24th birthday and boy did our friends and family spoil me. We had so much fun! Clay's birthday is up next, the big 3-0! Lots of fun things planned for that =)

Let's get back to wedding stuff! If your looking for personalized, small details for your upcoming wedding, I have to say- Etsy is the place to go. Not only can you find just about ANYTHING, the customer service of each and every shop I have purchased from is amazing! Several people have asked about certain things from the wedding so I wanted to dedicate a post to all of my Etsy finds. Just click the link under the photo to go straight to that Etsy store. Enjoy!
(No picture, but here's the sample! It has the lyrics to the song we danced to along with a photo insert & a personalized message!) 
(Sample again from the shop!)
(No picture, but here's the store's sample! I ordered these for our ring bearers and flower girl)

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