Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

Good morning blogging friends! Life has been completely NUTS since Clay and I got back from Costa Rica. Honestly, I thought life would slow down after the wedding, but let me tell you- it has NOT. In fact, it has actually been more busy than during those crazy wedding planning days. It seems like our week nights are filled and weekends are jammed packed!

Speaking of the wedding, WOW! It was truly the best night of my life. The entire weekend was perfect! The bridesmaids luncheon, the rehearsal dinner, the "getting ready" part of the wedding day, and of course the wedding and reception itself! As soon as I get pictures back, I will be posting lots of wedding recaps, so don't you worry.

Since I am already having withdrawals from planning (me? really?) I am diving right into brainstorming ideas for Clay's 30th birthday party next month. It's going to be a BBQ pool party, so I turned to Pinterest of course for recipe ideas! Here are my thoughts so far:
Fruit Kabobs 
Cowboy Caviar
 Sweet & Spicy Meatballs
Individual 7 Layer Dips
Meatball Sliders
Southwest Eggrolls
Of course this will probably change by the time the party rolls around, but it's definitely a good place to start. Food, good friends and pool time? I think it will be great! I can't believe my hubby will be 30- Whoa! ;) Stay turned for more wedding recaps and home decorating updates. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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