Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Practically Here... Holy Smokes!

Umm.. Okay will I be getting married in 15 days? Is this really happening? Someone pinch me! I cannot believe that after 9 months of planning and SO much crazy life happenings in between that our sweet, sweet special day is TWO short weeks away! AND I can't believe that I am totally, 100% cool, calm AND collected!
I SO want to sneak and post pictures of ALL the fun stuff I have had made, but I know I can't! After the honeymoon, I will post specific blogs with different events throughout the wedding weekend and an entire post dedicated to my fabulous Etsy finds. So, of course be sure to check back over the next several weeks for that. Now, I am just enjoying the last few days of being engaged, spending as much quality time with my parents as this will be the last few weeks I live with them and finalizing the details of our special day with all the vendors. God is good and life is so great!

I can't wait for this....
Things accomplished recently:
  • Finalized music with the DJ
  • Food and alcohol confirmed for the reception
  • Programs ordered
  • Wedding ceremony AND reception shoes ordered-FINALLY!
  • Everything for out of town gift bags purchased and assembled
  • All hair and makeup appointments made 
  • Mailed wedding party weekend timeline
**My bachelorette party was so, more-than-I-possibly-imagined, absolutely action packed, full of fun, I don't even think I stopped laughing once! I truly have the BEST friends EVER! Thank you so much to my wonderful MOH/Sissy Megan for hosting the party at your house. You and Taylor did such a fabulous job! I will most certainly have a post soon.

Things Left?
  • Get our marriage license
  • Pack for the honeymoon (Sweeeeet!)
  • Final dress fitting
  • Drop off ALL wedding-related items to Beth Anne (the wedding planner)
  • Final hair color and cut
  • Meeting with our fabulous photographer
So my list is slowing getting smaller and smaller. The things left are easy, enjoyable and most importantly exciting! Thank you to all of my sweet friends and family that have made this process so enjoyable. Hopefully I will have one more, final post before the wedding! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Sabina said...

I am sure your wedding will be just wonderful. Have fun and enjoy it!