Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Savannah Jane: Week Two

Weight: Savannah Jane was 7lbs 8oz at birth (February 13th at 5:50PM), when we left the hospital she was 7lb 2oz. We had her two week doctor appointment yesterday and she was up to 7lbs 12oz! Music to mama's ears!
Medical Issues: She had a mild case of jaundice making us have to go to the doctor everyday after the hospital for THREE days to get her poor little foot pricked for blood. Praise the Lord it went away quickly!

Sleep: As hard as it has been to adjust, I really can't complain about our sleep schedule! She sleeps in 3.5 - 4 hour stretches in the middle of the night.

Clothes: Sweet girl swims in her newborn clothes! Still rocking the newborn size diapers and boy have we gone through a TON! 

Visitors: Oh yes, we have had tons of visitors! Our awesome Sunday School class has been bringing us dinner 3 days a week which is such a huge blessing to not have to worry about cooking dinner. Our family and friends have also brought us dinner tons and of course everyone loves on SJ!

Diet: Breastmilk via the bottle. Breast feeding just did not work for us. Pumping it is and once we made that decision life has been 1409893x's easier! We go 3 hour stretches in between feedings during the day and 4 hours in between at night. 

Baby Gear Love: Savannah LOVES her Snugabunny Bouncy Chair and is sort of a fan of her swing! I think once she gets a little bigger she will like it just as much! Also, we are a BIG fan of the Wubbanub pacifier! Although it is just as big as she is... 
Crying: She only cries when she has a dirty diaper, or is getting her diaper changed (hates it!) and when she's hungry! Sometimes she gets fussy at night when we're trying to get her to go to sleep, but that's not consistent. Thank the Lord!

Likes: SJ likes being burped and she doesn't mind a bath either! She likes playing on her activity gym for about 15 minutes, then she's done!
Milestones: Getting back to her birth weight and her umbilical cord stump falling off!

Postpartum: I am adjusting well! People don't lie when they tell you being a mommy is hard! I have had a couple hormonal breakdowns (poor Clay) and just getting used to having a (non preggo) belly. Unfortunately I gained WAY more than I ever hoped during my pregnancy, but thankfully a huge portion of the weight has come off. Still have about 15 pounds left to lose. I just have to keep reminding myself it HAS only been 14 days... =)

Savannah Jane and I are totally on a great schedule! Once we established "somewhat" of a routine, things started getting easier and I felt a bit more normal. Now we are starting our THIRD week together and each day I fall in love with our sweet daughter more and more! What a miracle she is and I am still amazed that Clay and I are her parents!

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