Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Savannah Jane - One Month!

Weight: We went to the doctor on Monday (more below) and you are up to 9lb 5oz! I could not be happier with your weight gain sweet girl! Your birth weight was 7lb 8 oz and 7lb 12oz at your two week appointment!

Medical Issues: We have made a couple of unexpected visits to the doctor. You started being pretty fussy and spitting up consistently - first your pediatrician had me cut dairy from my diet, but ten days later things hadn't changed. Looks like it is acid reflux that's bothering you and we got some medicine for it and started it Monday night. We should see a big difference in 7-10 days! I'm ready for you to feel better!

Sleep: You wake up once between 2AM-3AM to eat and then again between 6:30-7AM for the day.
Clothes: Newborn and 0-3 months. Some things are WAY bigger than others. We also moved up to size 1 diapers. We were having some good blow outs with the newborn size.

Visitors: Still have lots of visitors on a regular basis!

Diet: 100% breastmilk! 

Baby Gear Love: Same - bouncy seat is definitely your favorite thing! Also, we switched from Avent bottles to Dr. Brown's and have noticed a huge difference in your fussiness! 

**100% recommend Dr. Brown's! I am kicking myself in the butt for not using them to begin with, oh well. 

Crying: You cry a lot sweet girl - getting your diaper changed, changing clothes, hungry BUT honestly, I think sometimes you cry because you just want to be held, which is my favorite thing to do! 

Likes: Still really liking your bouncy seat, Wubanub pacifier and activity mat!
Milestones: LOTS!
--March 2 - You spent a few hours at your Grandmo and Pep's so we could celebrate our anniversary!
--March 8 - Your first stroller ride at the Green Hill's mall
--March 10 - Your first Panchos visit, which is huge for us Watson's!
Postpartum: I definitely am going through some changes. Freezing all day and then night sweats drenched in sweat and crying at ridiculous times, but definitely getting better! 

I've hit a plateau in losing this weight. I starting working out one week ago, hopefully things will pick back up!

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