Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweet Savannah Jane - 32 Weeks!

I really can hardly believe I am thirty TWO weeks pregnant, 3-2! I have been looking at it as okay we are out of the 10's, out of the 20's, but now? After we are "out of the 30's" baby girl will BE HERE. Am I ready you ask? Well of course not. That is a hard thing to chew for someone so Type A as myself. I'm known for being ahead of the game, on top of things, but this is different. This isn't just preparing for a special event, this is life changing. How can you prepare for that? I don't think you do. I think you just go with it and learn as you go.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet Savannah Jane. She already has been such a blessing - a true miracle - in our lives, just wait until she's here! I find myself daydreaming of who she is going to look like or whose personality hers will reflect. Will she be outgoing, athletic and a people attractor like her daddy? or will she be a bit more shy, clumsy and a nurturer like her mama? Brown eyes or blue? It's all so exciting and so much to take in. And she better have a head FULL of hair with the amount of heartburn I have been experiencing... ;)

I'm happy to report we have made serious progress on her nursery. The walls are painted, we have her furniture all set up and her bedding has already been washed and assembled. The only things left are to get our cushions back for the rocker, pick out a night stand and decorations for the wall and bookshelves! Okay, maybe that sounds like a lot....

How far along? 32 weeks, 1 day - 55 days to go!
Size of Baby? The size of a squash! She will be close to 4 pounds by the end of the week and measuring close to 17 inches. She is so big! I can feel her big head or hinney rubbing against my right rib cage! =O
Maternity clothes? Same ol', same ol' - whatever fits is what goes! I sure wish I could live in sweat pants and huge t-shirts. That's definitely when I'm most comfortable.
Sleep:  It's still been pretty good, thankfully!
Best moment this week: This past week has been a great one! We had our Connect Group Christmas party Sunday night and that was super fun! We went to the doctor for our check up on Tuesday and going to the Rockette's Wednesday night! It is a Watson family tradition that I am very thankful to be apart of now. That was my third time to go with them (and ever!) and it gets better every single year! Eeek!
Miss Anything? Just feeling normal - eating and drinking what I want, doing whatever I want =)
 Movement: She has been moving (kicking, rolling, punching - you name it!) ALL the time! I absolutely LOVE it. I feel like she is stuck in my right rib cage though - phew it hurts!
Food cravings: Nothing yet! Maybe that means Savannah Jane won't be a picky eater?!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular.
Gender: Sugar and spice and all things nice =)
 Labor Signs: Yes, I have started experiencing Braxton Hicks. Craziness!
Symptoms: Unfortunately, my feet have gotten bigger the last few weeks and my vision has been getting worse. Hopefully these will go back to normal sometime after delivery!
Belly Button in or out? In, although I'm starting to agree with Clay. I don't know how much longer it's going to stay "in."
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Mood: Overwhelmed. Although not likely, realistically little sassy pants could make her debut into this world any day between now and February 14th. That's pretty scary for me - we don't quite have the essentials for baby girl yet.
But, I do know everything will work out perfectly no matter if we have an entire nursery stocked with baby goods or not!
Looking forward to: All of my family being in town for Christmas!

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