Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby W - Little Bit

We were so excited to finally shout it out this past weekend that we are pregnant! Keeping that one a secret was very hard. A little more detail then our quick and simple Facebook post...

During our kitchen renovations, one Saturday I had run to the store to pick up a few things {get out of working on those cabinets for as long as possible!} I picked up a test because I was several days late, just for giggles, thinking there was just no way. I got home and took the test and holy smokes it said PREGNANT! Well, I immediately started brainstorming of a fun way to share the news with my husband while trying not to freak out! My head was spinning. While he went to Lowe's for the 1,874,839,257th time - I flew up to Kohl's and found some little onesie's that said "I Love Daddy" and laid them out with the test. That was such a special moment for us to share! We were very serious about not sharing the news until we went to the doctor. So after our 8 week appointment we shared with our families, then our 2nd appointment at 12 weeks we shared with some friends, now everyone knows!
We just know that God blessed us and that our lives are going to completely change for the better. I already have such love for Baby Watson and I just pray everyday Clay and I can be half as good parents to our sweet baby as our parents have been to us!

I absolutely will be doing weekly "bumpdates" to track my progress and of course be able to look back one day and remember these sweet times! Even the nausea, throwing up and an exhaustion I never knew. It's all part of the process! Here we go!

How Far Along? 14 weeks today - 182 days to go! Wow - it's already going by so quick, but yet so slow =)
Size of Baby? The size of a lemon - 3.4 inches!
Maternity Clothes? Not yet. I bought a few maternity pieces for the fall though! They had me use a fake bump to try stuff on - it was hilarious! Right now, I am turning to dresses and the belly band for my pants.  Belly band = heaven sent
Weight Gain? 1 lb this week, up to 4lbs total - my least favorite part of this. My doctor recommended a weight gain schedule of 10lbs in week 1-20, then 1lb a week until week 40. We'll see how that goes!
Stretch Marks? Nope - not yet.
Gender? 4 more weeks until we know!!
Sleep? I have been sleeping like a baby (aside from the 2-3 bathroom breaks in the midle of the night), in fact sleeping is all I ever want to do! ZzzZzzZzz...
Food Cravings? Nothing as of late. One of my "eating issues" has been not being able to figure out what sounds good. Poor Clay, I'm sure I have been driving him crazy! 
What I Miss? Sushi
Symptoms? As mentioned earlier, constant nausea and exhaustion still.
Belly Button?  In
Best Moment of the Week? Getting to finally share with everyone that I have not just had one too many doughnuts, I am actually pregnant!!!

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