Friday, December 9, 2011

Wedding not-so Wednesday!

I have been a complete slacker on updating everyone on wedding stuff. The truth is, not much is needing to be done. I feel like we have done a great job getting things accomplished early so this process never becomes stressful, only fun and exciting! A few updates to mention:
  • I had an amazing bridal shower thrown for me by the most fabulous hosts', Megan, Chelsea, Mindy and Halie! It was so perfect! Thanks again ladies, I love you all! (See the full post HERE)
Check out their monogrammed aprons!! (minus Chels)
  • My absolutely adorable flower girl, Shaelyn Jade, got her sweet sweet dress. I'm so excited to have her in our wedding!
  • Reserved the out of town guests hotel rooms
  • Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner plans are booked/finalized-- Thanks Mrs. Connie & Mr. John!!!
  • Ordered stickers for the out of town gift bags and the ties for the "goodies" inside, as well as reserved table signs for the reception from the sweetest Etsy shop, Tie that Binds.
  • Bartenders booked for the reception
  • Since I had to work Black Friday, my sister and mom were on a mission to pick out my veil at The White Rooms' "White Friday" sale! They hit the jackpot with scoring an amazing deal, my veil was $25!!!!!!!! Love bargain shopping:) Thanks ladies!!!
My upcoming to-dos are:
  1. Finalize Invites
  2. Order our favors
  3. Finalize the rentals
  4. Wedding day jewelry
  5. Wedding shoes
So to end with some very exciting news, CLAY SLIPPED and spilled the beans on our honeymoon!!! We are going to be staying at the all-inclusive Westin resort in...

Playa Conchal Costa Rica!!!!!!

Of course this is fabulous news for me that I got to find out early. He said he knew he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret because he was so excited!!!! I can't help but share some photos.....

Hurry up March 3rd!!!!!

    Only 85 days to go.....


    Anonymous said...

    Looks wonderful!! Glad to see you are enjoying the planning, so many people don't! Soak it up! :)

    Hayley Griffis said...

    so cute!!! Love this idea!!! and the honeymoon will be AH-MAZING!! yayayayay!!!! love you kell!!!
    love hayley!