Monday, November 14, 2011

My First Bridal Shower

Woo wee! This girl was definitely showered with love and LOTS of awesome goodies this past Saturday. My very first bridal shower, wow! This whole wedding thing is getting very real AND close! Only 109 days to go...

My amazing hosts: my sister Megan, Chelsea, Mindy and Halie, sure did throw a fun get together! Of course I have lots of pictures to show off our fun time courtesy of Mindy.

And to my sweet friends that love teasing me, I HAVE already written and mailed all my thank-you cards so go ahead and make fun! ;)

The beautiful setup-- yummy food!
Such delish cupcakes!!
Chelsea's AMAZING wreath she made for me! SO cute!
GORGEOUS flower arrangements-- loved, loved, LOVED them!

The fabulous hosts and I

Love my sissy

I think Megan was annoyed with me at this point ;-)

I got my mixer!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!! Thanks Grandma!!

My Beautiful Hosts (minus Chels) with their new monogrammed aprons!

I am just beyond blessed and oh-so thankful at all the love and support from our friends and family. You guys sure know how to make us feel special!!!

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