Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bonus Room Decor Dilemma!

The bonus room at Clay's house currently looks as if I were painting the wall camouflage. I have bought 6 samples of paint and not ONE has even come close to working. Good thing sample paint is only $3! The room only has one window so we need a color that will brighten the room.

With a camel color couch and a huge flat screen TV, we are pretty much starting from scratch on the design! Here is what I'm thinking:
These are the pillows that are the inspiration for the room!
Plus I want to get three large wooden mirrors similar to above for behind the sectional couch.
We just got these ikat print Pottery Barn pillow covers as a gift, thanks Meg!
We also have registered for these Chunky Gold Stripe Pillow Covers from PB.
To tie in the gray from the pillows, I want to pick up this fabulous Grand Chenille Throw in Metal Gray.
The entertainment center has a nice, big, empty space beside it that these Havana Lidded Baskets will fit perfectly in! Who doesn't need want any additional storage?!

So keep in mind this room is pretty big, the design I'm shooting for as describe above is only one SIDE of the room. I thought it would be great to utilize the other side with additional seating, possibly table and chairs? Wing chairs? Or maybe 2 of these armchairs with a tall accent table between....

Oh the ideas are endless! Stay tuned for before and after pictures of this bonus room within the next couple months. First things first, I MUST find a suitable wall color before any decorating happens! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had an absolutely amazing, blessed Thanksgiving!

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