Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Savannah Jane - Month 5!

Weight: My guess is close to 15 pounds! We don't go back to the doctor until your 6 months old, so we won't really know for sure until then. You definitely FEEL heavier!

Medical Issues: You had your first virus  (congestion/cough) a couple weeks ago, but there wasn't anything we could give you. I'm so glad that's over! You still take medicine 2x a day for your acid reflux, I hope that goes away soon too!
Sleep: You sleep like an angel! You have your last bottle between 7-7:30PM and your up at 7AM ready to rock the day! You still take 2 naps during the day usually around 8:30-9AM until 10AM and then a good long afternoon nap from 2-4PM.
Clothes: You are definitely starting to wear a few 3-6 month outfits and still in a size 2 diaper. I'm ready for your hair to grow in more so I can stick sweet bows in your hair, you only have about 45 already! ;)
Diet: You have (5) 5.5oz bottles (breastmilk) during the day and you have oatmeal or sweet potatoes for "dinner" between your last two bottles of the day. It is SO messy, but so fun! You have learned to blow bubbles and you ONLY do that during your "dinner time." You talk/snort the entire time as well! We just tried peas last night which were a hit as well.
Baby Gear Love: I don't know that I would say "love" but you are definitely on your way to loving your new jumperoo! (You better love it, it wasn't cheap!)
Crying: You only cry when you are really tired, it's the saddest cry too.

Likes: You love being tickled by your daddy, playing with your feet, eating your hands and your pink O'ball toy! You are the sweetest girl, you are so "chill" - I think you really just like hangin' with everyone!
Milestones: You are a girl on a mission! I think you might start crawling before you sit up, is that possible? You experienced your first 4th of July (although it was rainy, so no pool or fireworks, boo!) and you got to meet your brand new cousin, William! That was fun. You did great on the drive to Atlanata babe!
Postpartum: I'm doing pretty good! Sadly, I am still trying to adjust to working and feeling totally overwhelmed, but I'm getting there!

I only have 3 more pounds to lose to be back to pre pregnancy weight, and 8lbs until my final goal. My hair is still falling out by the buckets, thankfully I have SO much that I'm not missing any of it =) I don't understand how people have kids so close together, I am dying to have my "normal" body back (regular weight, regular hair, not feeling like a milking cow, etc.) I can't really complain about the weight, other than occasionally watching what I eat, I have not put an actual effort in working out regularly.

Thanks for following us on our journey!


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