Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Savannah - 4 Months! (1 week late!)

Weight: We went to the doctor on Friday for your 4 month check up and you are weighing in at 13.7lbs (50% percentile) and 24 inches (75% percentile)!

Medical Issues: Still acid reflux... We tried to decrease your dosage to once a day, but you started spitting up ALL THE TIME again, so we switched back to twice a day and Dr. Brooks said we will keep doing that for another month and try again.
Sleep: Still a sleeping champ! You are officially being swaddled with your hands OUT and that is a great thing. When you wake yourself up in the morning, you suck on your hands and put yourself back to sleep. Sweetest thing ever!
Clothes: 0-3 months still! I'm ready for you to move up a size, you have SO many cute clothes! ;-)

Diet: Breastmilk and oatmeal! In the last couple days, we have dropped your 10PM bottle so you are drinking 5 - 5 oz bottles throughout the day and baby oatmeal around 6PM. You LOVE the oatmeal! But BOY is it messy.
Nicknames: "shugs," sissy, baby girl
Baby Gear Love: This last month you have loved everything! Your swing, your activity mat, you still love your DVD's, you love you Baby Snug, and are starting to play with your toys.
Future BFF's!!
Crying: Just when you are hungry or super tired!

Likes: Your fingers! You love sucking on your fingers. You also love being snuggled and held. When I get home from work, if I try to sit you down to clean bottles - you have a fit! Of course, I don't mind that one bit! =) You are very social sweet sis, you love your people!
Milestones: You have so many milestones girl!
-You are rolling both ways (belly to back, and back to belly for almost 3 weeks!)
-sleeping from 8PM-7AM
-you can completely hold yourself up - you will be sitting up on your own in no time
-eating oatmeal
-first beach trip
-celebrating your daddy for his first Father's Day!
-your baby cousin William was born! (you haven't met him YET..)

Postpartum: Thankfully, I have dropped 2 more pounds, so I only have a few more to go to get back to pre baby weight (thank you Lord!)

I have had a really hard time adjusting to being a full-time working mom. I get home from work and only have a couple hours with Savannah before she goes to bed - it makes me so sad! But I have also really enjoyed working.  I'm sure it just takes time to adjust and find a schedule that works for us and we are working on that now! Keeping up with laundry and cleaning the house is a whole other story....

Let's be honest here - I am sick and tired of pumping. I feel like for the last 4 months I have been hooked up to that thing non stop! I have built up almost a 4 week supply in the freezer, but that's not nearly enough. BUT, to spin it in a positive light; I am providing Savannah with the best thing possible, and I am her one and only food source. Not only that, but it is FREE! Formula is EXPENSIVE, shooooo!

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