Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Essentials - Month One!

Baby Essentials - Month One!

Baby Essentials - Month One! by kneal0503 

As a new mom, you learn about different products from your girlfriends - what worked and what didn't - so I definitely wanted to pass along the things we used and why we loved them so much! These are just a few of many that were MUST have's in our house during the first month Savannah Jane was here! 

Wubbanub - I mean these are the cutest pacifiers out there! Savannah Jane loves hers during the day (doesn't take it at night?!) She has a caterpillar and a pink dog. Not only are they adorable, but they are super easy to find when they fall out of her mouth.
Fisher-Price Snugabunny BouncerThis was a MUST have in our house the first few weeks Savannah was here. She was so little so she fit perfectly on this. It vibrates and plays lullabies or nature sounds. She still hangs out in it today!
Dr. Brown Natural Flow bottlesWe started out with the Phillips Avent bottles, but Savannah was experiencing lots and lots of gas. So we switched to Dr. Browns and have been so pleased! They totally reduce gas, spit up and overall fussiness after eating. Score! 
*PS They are really not as big of a pain to wash as everyone makes them out to be, promise!
Pampers Swaddlers - best diapers out there! (My opinion of course!)
Aveeno Baby - We have used just about all the different products they offer and love each and every one of them! SJ has sensitive skin - so these lightly scented or fragrance free products are perfect for her sweet skin.
Desitin - Another must have when SJ's hinney gets red!
Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibrating Tub - This was recommended to me by a fellow mommy friend and Savannah LOVES it! She just chills and is always calm and relaxed when bathing. The newborn sling is removable, so we will be able to use the tub until she transitions into the BIG tub. 
Kissy Kissy brand gowns - Literally she wore these every SINLGE night. When your getting up every 3 hours to feed your baby it makes life easier not having to snap all those darn buttons after a diaper change! Any minute saved for sleep in my book is worth it! They make them for boys as well.  

I will be posting our Month 2 Essentials next week to get back on track. I can't believe my sweet girl will be 2 months old this weekend! Where does time go?

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