Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Essentials - Month 2!

Baby Essentials - Month 2!

Baby Essentials - Month 2! by kneal0503 on Polyvore

1- Boon Grass Drying Rack - Let's be honest here - if you have to have a drying rack laying out in your kitchen for everyone to see, wouldn't you rather have this super cute one? Not only do I use ours for bottles, but it holds my pump pieces as well. I would recommend getting the tree and flower accessories too. They are perfect for the smaller pieces! Thankfully, it doesn't take up as much room as others I have seen.

2 - Little Snugabunny Swing - Savannah didn't LOVE her swing until she was about 6 weeks old. Now I can put her in the swing and she just gazes at the mobile and is completely content so I can do little things like make the bed, start laundry and make a cup of coffee (or 7945). 

3 - Sleeper - When your pregnant, you have big plans of exactly what you are going to do once baby gets here. Well, let me just say - 9 times out of 10 that plan goes right out the door! My hopes were to have her sleep in the bassinet part of our Pack N Play, but that didn't work for us. Thankfully, my sister in law passed along this Sleeper. It is slightly inclined for reflux and it has a deep seat for her to feel nice and secure. She stills sleeps in it every night. We are currently in the process of transitioning to the crib by having her take naps in it during the day. Hopefully by the time I am back to work she will be in her nursery! *Fingers crossed!*

4 - Baby Einstein Activity Mat - One word for this mat = AMAZING! Girlfriend fell in LOVE with this mat one day we were hanging out at her cousins house. I'm talking completely mesmerized! So Savannah's grandmo searched high and low for this thing and now it hardly ever turns off. The star in the center flashes lights and plays music, plus it has a million other toys around it. MUST have in our house...

5 - Gas Drops - These things are a life saver! We don't use them as much as we did, but they help with Savannah's gas pretty much instantly. Who knows if they really work, but mentally I'm convinced! Our pediatrician also recommend us adding these Vitamin D drops to one bottle a day. These are a must for breastfed babies! Who knew?

6 - Baby Einstein DVDs - I picked up two of these Baby Einstein DVD's in hopes to have something else to entertain with and it worked! Savannah sits in her bouncer in front of the TV and swings her little arms and legs all over the place. It is the cutest thing ever! 

7/8 - Munchkin Sound Machine & Travel Cloud b Sleep Sheep - We have the travel Sleep Sheep that goes right on the car seat. It is completely fabulous! Anytime we go anywhere, it is turned on and up loud. It's also important to have a sound machine that plugs in (unless you want to wake up and turn it back on every 45 minutes!) for bedtime. We got this Munchkin sound machine that is also a projector which will be useful once she gets a little older! LOVE LOVE both of these. 

That's it for our month 2 essentials! Happy Monday!

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