Friday, January 13, 2012

Updates, Updates, Updates

Woo! Where o where should I begin? I certainly feel like I need to update everyone since my blogging has been so infrequent these last few weeks.

On December 23, I found out I was relapsing again with my kidney disease that I have battled the last 10 years, but since- my kidneys have been responding to the medication (woo there's a lot of that!) and I am headed in the right direction of getting better! I have been so blessed with all my wonderful family and friends and all their prayers, love and support, it has helped make this relapse a breeze ;) God is so faithful and is the true healer and it is amazing to see the power of prayer work- so THANK YOU for the prayers and I ask if you don't mind, continue praying as this is a long road to recovery. Plus, what better place to heal my body than Costa Rica? Um.. Yes please!

On to the next super fun topic...


Yes! I'm finally back in wedding countdown mode and excited again for this special day. Not TOO much has gotten done, but here are the things I have checked off my list and a peak of what's left!
  • Flavors and designs for the Wedding and Groom's cake are selected. YuMmM!!
  • All centerpieces have been finalized. I am so excited about the choices! I know Beth Anne will bring my designs to life, can't wait to see them!
  • I met with Mrs. Holland who is hosting my bridesmaid luncheon at Goodness Gracious in Murfreesboro. Ahhh!! I am SO excited with the DELISH food selection, charming location AND I get to give all my ladies their special gifts! Woo! This will be such a great time to relax before things get crazy. I am so thankful that she is doing this for me. It is going to be completely fabulous- can you tell how excited I am??!!!!
  • Wedding invites are being mailed TODAY!

  • All wedding jewelry and accessories are purchased. Phew, that is a relief!
  • Ceremony musician booked
  • Clay's wedding band ordered
  • Purchased the most ADORABLE garter from another precious Etsy shop, Le Ange Bridal I came across!

What's next?
  • Finding wedding shoes; who would have thought this would be so hard?! I guess that's what happens when your a giant searching for peep toe flats in January! Suggestions would be appreciated ladies!!!!!
  • Enjoy a Bridal Shower THIS Sunday. Woo hoo!!! What a lucky girl I am!
  • First dress fitting scheduled for January 23rd-- oooh I can't wait to put that beauty on! It's been since AUGUST! Ah!
  • Pick music list for the ceremony
50 Days!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I know I sure am ready for some relaxing!

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