Monday, January 23, 2012

All for a Smile!

Hey friends! I hope everyone is doing great. I wanted to post a short sweet something hoping to motivate or encourage at least one person and share some personal struggles as well. It always feels great to get things off our chest, right?!
I know sometimes life can get tough, we all go through different battles and struggles from work, to health to maybe a broken heart. Who knows what your going through, but the great thing is; God will heal your pains. We never know when, and boy do I wish more than anything that we could chose when our battles are over, but we can't. We can only go through these times with our Faith and a smile. Just know that one day soon things WILL be okay!
For me, my battle has been this crazy relapse SO close to our wedding date. I've had to really trust in the Lord and know that He will heal me in His time. I've learned I can't worry about how I'm going to feel, or how my crazy medicine will make me look on my special day- I can only think that God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and on March 3, 2012, sick or healthy, I get to marry this perfect man God created just for ME! And the fact that he is marrying a 23 year old that goes to the doctor every week with 80 year olds is pretty special :)
So whatever it is your going through, please know if you need a friend I'm here. If you need prayers, I'm here. God is ALWAYS there. I know without my sweet family and friends I couldn't be getting through this. It's hard to do things on your own. Honestly, it just can't be done!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Keep on, keeping on folks! :)

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My 3 G 's said...

You have the best attitude! I will keep praying you are well for your big day!