Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Savannah Jane 7-9 Month Update!

Age: 9 months and 6 days!!
Weight: We went to the doctor on Friday (11/15) and you weigh 18 lbs 9 oz  27 inches
Birth Weight: 7lb 8oz
Medical Issues: You are rocking girl! You are off the Previcid completely now for the reflux. You have been sick a couple times - once with Roseola and another with a yucky cold that kept you up ALL night long! Boo for the cold weather and what it brings.
Sleep: You LOVE your sleep! You sleep 7:30PM-7AM and take a one to 1.5 hour nap in the AM and a 2+hour nap in the afternoon.
Clothes: You are so big baby girl! You can squeeze into some 9 month clothes (leggings), but mainly everything is 12 months.  
Diet: You have (4) 5.5 ounce bottles a day and 3 "meals" - you have tried just about every fruit and vegetable there is girl and you love just about each one. Woo for not a picky eater!
Baby Gear Love: 
-your Fisher Price Learning table (FAVORITE THING EVER!)
-any toy that lights up and plays music
-stacking cups and blocks

Crying: Only when you are tired. You truly are the best baby!
-You love when we cough (real OR fake!) you just laugh hysterically - it's hilarious!
-You also love to play peek a boo
-You have a little "move" you love to do which is basically a headstand
-You love checking yourself out in the mirror

Milestones: SO MANY!
-Sitting up on your own
-Holding your own bottle
-Dropped to 4 bottles a day
-Saying "Mama" and "Dada"
-Eating finger foods
-Crawling (you are a machine!)
-Lowered your crib all the way
-Spending the night away from mom and dad (wa-wahhh!)
-Pulling yourself up
-Your 1st Halloween
-Big girl car seat (still facing backwards though!)
-Sitting in the big girl tub
-You got your first two teeth! (bottom front)
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